Monday, January 2, 2012

My Disney Goal for the New Year!!

My Disney Goal for the New Year!

I know that yesterday I mentioned getting healthy as a goal I have. Well I have another goal. My goal is to save money for a Disney Cruise with Walt's Basement in early 2014. Yes it is two years away but it is expensive trip!! We are also hoping to spend a week at WDW at the same time. Why fly all the way from California to Florida to do just one thing? Let me share how I'm thinking of getting the money together.

First I'm going to recycle all the soda cans, plastic bottles and glass containers I can. I've also got a huge jar for my coins to go into. I'm going to take part of our Tax Refund and put it toward the cruise. I'm also looking for ways to cut costs on general household expenses. Coupons are a great way and I enjoy checking out Couponing to Disney for ideas.

I'm also working on several books. One will be a book of tips for visiting Disney Parks. There will be a section dedicated to those with differing abilities. Another other book will be tips for the Disney Cruise. I'll add a section with information for those with differing abilities going on the Disney Cruise. I'm also working on a second Christmas book to be out in time for Christmas 2012. I hope to have a fantasy book I'm co-writing with my husband done ready to publish by June. There is another book I'm working on with others from Walt's Basement but that is a fund raiser for Walt's Basement.

Another thing I'm doing is planning ahead for the trip. I'm working on Fish Extender Gifts now rather than waiting until closer to the trip. I'm saving containers to turn into coin banks to give. I'm finding graphics I like and designing T-shirts and other items. I know both my husband and I want to dress up for Pirate Night so I'm looking at what will be needed to make a pirate costume.

How can I stay focused on this goal? It would be so easy to say, "we need . . . " and take coins out of the jar. I can slow down on my writing and other projects leaving more to be done at trip time. It would be easy to do this and in truth is more of my style. This time I'm staying on track by remembering the fun I'm going to have. When I want to reach into the jar I see the label I've put on it saying, "Don't plunder the booty! Disney Cruise Fund!" It reminds me why the coins are there and not in my purse. I spend time talking to other people from Walt's Basement that are going with us on the cruise and at WDW. We talk about what we are looking forward to and how much fun it will be. My husband and I are starting dance classes so we can dance while on the cruise. Anything to remember the goal.

If you wish to join the Walt's Basement Gathering Dream Cruise just go to this link for information and to let the group know you are interested. All Disney fans are welcome to join!

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