Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Dear Disney Tinker Sister

My Dear Disney Tinker Sister

We were at Disneyland waiting for the Magical Fireworks to start. We had several hours to go and had pulled out our drawing pads and pencils and started drawing. As we sat and drew people were filling up the area around us. There was a lady with a bright smile at the curb side in front of the bench we were waiting on. Her smile and laughter caught our attention right away. After a while the lady with the smile came over to say hi and see what we were drawing. This was the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

If you go to Disneyland on the weekend you are likely to see Margo. If you see her you will not soon forget the bright smile on her face. Margo is easy to spot because she is in a purple wheelchair and if that is not enough she has that smile that is like a shining light in the darkest night. Her laughter rings out clearly encouraging all to laugh along. What is amazing about Margo is while you are with her at Disneyland, or anywhere else you seldom see her frown. You will see little of the pain she suffers every moment of the day.

Margo is an encouragement to all who know her. She shows grace under pressure and quiet strength. If she can get through the day with the level of pain she has and still smile then so can I. When asked why she does not just give up she says she has much to live for. First off she is a Christian and has God's love and strength. Second she has Disney and her Disney Family.

When she is suffering the most and can't get to Disneyland she watches videos that people have taken of rides and shows at Disneyland and other Disney Parks. She also calls many of the friends she has made at the park.

Who is her Disney Family? Some are other guests that she struck up a conversation with. Others are Cast Members who have seen her so often in the park they have become close. All of us support her and encourage her as she encourages us. She has earned our loyalty with her own toward us. When she sees a friend in pain, emotional or physical she feels it and is there as she can. When she sees a Cast Member, friend or not that does a good job she will step up and say so.

What about Disney makes the difference for Margo and many others like her? I believe it is the friendly and joyful feeling of the park. As you enter the park you walk under a sign that says,




It is very true! When you enter the park you do leave behind the troubles of today. Inside the parks gates the troubles seem locked outside and this is a much needed relief for many who are facing daily troubles. You remember the joys of childhood if you are an adult or just good time when you were younger. You find hope for tomorrow and escape into the realm of fantasy. It is a place where you can find solace, peace and some laughter.

In the parks you find friendly faces to welcome you. Cast Members will help you if you need it without criticism or making you feel like you are a bother. Most of the other guests are in a good mood and people seem just a little friendlier than at other places. In the parks you find beautifully maintained gardens and buildings. Everywhere you look there is something pleasant and/or entertaining to see. All of this can and will help you get your mind off your troubles and help you cope better.

Thank you Tinker Sister Margo for reminding me there is much for me to be thankful for and many things to find joy in. God bless you.

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