Sunday, December 4, 2011

So Why Disney Rather Than Other Places for Vacation??

So Why Disney Rather Than Other Places for Vacation?

          There are hundreds of places you can go for vacation so why a Disney Vacation? If you have kids it is an obvious choice because of the family friendly atmosphere. Another question is why should you do a Disney Vacation if you don't have kids?

          If you have kids there is no better place to take the kids for vacation. They can see their favorite cartoon characters and be part of their most loved movies while riding the rides. You are assured the shows they see will be appropriate and not something you don't want them to see. You will enjoy them as well.

          If you are going on vacation without children you can still enjoy a Disney Vacation. You can relive a bit of your childhood and enjoy some whimsy. If you are a family orientated type of person that is tired of the decline in moral values in the standard fair, Disney offers intelligent fun that is morally upright. Sorry if I sound like a bit of a prude but I don't like sexual innuendoes every two seconds while trying to enjoy a laugh. I don't need it to laugh.

          There is always plenty of things to do. Rides, parades, shows, fireworks and romantic moments await you at Disney Parks. So no matter kids or no kids Disney has something for you to enjoy.

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