Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Quick Education in Disney Speak

A Quick Education in Disney Speak

If you hang around Disney Parks long enough you catch onto some Disney Speak. At first it can be confusing but in truth it is not hard to catch on once the idea is explained. Many of the rides, parks and attractions have their names shortened to initials. Let me give you an idea of a few of them from Disneyland.

Here are the basics and most used.

DLR = Disneyland Resort This is the name of the entire Disney Resort in Anaheim, California. This includes 2 parks, 3 hotels and Downtown Disney District.

DL = Disneyland The original Disney Park.

DCA = Disney California Adventure The second park of the Disneyland Resort.

DTD = Downtown Disney District, This is the shopping and dining area outside of the parks. It is an outdoor mall.

CM = Cast Member This is what Disney calls their employees.

NBC = Nightmare Before Christmas This will be heard from October to the first week in January when the Haunted Mansion is taken over by Jack Skellington and his crew for the holidays.

WoC = World of Color A nighttime water fountain and video show at DCA. (something NOT to miss).

ToT = Tower of Terror This is a drop ride in a haunted hotel elevator.

MNSSHP = Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party A special event held during scheduled nights in October.

Here are other terms you may hear around the park.

Guests = Visitors to the resort.

Cast Members = Disney Employees

Off Stage = Any area of the resort property reserved for Cast Members only that is out of view of the guests.

On Stage = Any area of the resort were guests are.

Dark Ride = Any ride where all or most of the ride is inside a building where the environment can be controlled. Usually it is the lighting that is most closely controlled.

Face Character = Any character out in public that does not have their face covered and can talk directly to guests.

Overlay = When a ride is temporally altered for a season or event changing the them and story. For example the Haunted Mansion gets the Nightmare Before Christmas every year.

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