Sunday, December 18, 2011

Packing Your Food for a Day at Disneyland

Packing Your Food for a Day at Disneyland

          As with all amusement parks now a days you need to have your bags checked as you enter the park. At Universal and Six Flags parks you are not allowed to bring in food and drink from outside. No matter what it is you will have to throw it away as you enter. I've even had to throw away unopened bottles of water.

          Disneyland has a policy that says you can bring food and leave it outside the park and eat in the picnic area in the Esplanade between the parks. If you do bring food they don't stop you from taking it inside the parks. As long as you have plastic or cans for your drinks and no glass containers any non alcoholic drink is allowed. You can bring snacks and meals into the park. You can take sandwiches but you can't bring sandwich fixings.

          I have been known to bring my own popcorn to the park. It is cheaper and I can control how much salt is on it. I usually use a popcorn container I purchased on another visit to the park to carry it in. It makes it easier to handle as it has a lid. I always bring my own soda as the price in the park is twice of that outside the park.

          Now that you are going to bring your snacks and meal or meals to the park how do you handle it? You can put it in a backpack and carry it with you or you can rent a locker in one of the parks or outside in the Esplanade between the parks.

          Overall I suggest bringing at least half of what you think you will drink, a few snacks and one meal. They purchase one or two drinks and one meal. This can greatly reduce the cost of a day at Disneyland and help you stay on your normal diet.

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