Monday, December 12, 2011

The Joy of Make Believe

The Joy of Make Believe

Disneyland encourages the joy of make believe. From the moment you walk into the park you can enjoy the magic of the impossible happing all around you. When you walk through the gate you are not thinking, "It will be pleasant to meet a person dressed up as a giant mouse and get my picture taken." NO you are thinking, "Wow, I can hardly wait to get my picture taken with Mickey Mouse! I can't wait to show it to my friends back home!"

When you ride Dumbo you are not on riding on a contraption made by Imagineers you are riding on the one the only Dumbo the flying elephant. You are flying over London and racing with Peter Pan around Neverland. You may even  become a rebel spy and help the Jedi masters in a battle as you try to take a vacation somewhere in a Galaxy Far Far Away.

So what makes Disneyland so special? Why can we release ourselves to make believe there but not other places? Why can we "believe" pirates are taking over the village but can't believe we can get our current project at work done?

I think it is called FAITH. At Disneyland we have faith that what we believe in will happen. We make a choice to let go and believe. When was the last time you believed you could conquer a problem in your life that was impossible by most standards?

Disneyland encourages us to suspend reality just long enough to believe the impossible can and will happen.

I know when I let go and believe I can do something I do it. I believed I could write and now I'm writing a daily blog. I've even gotten one book published and am working on 4 more. I believed I could make a go of marriage with a man everyone said was a bad match for both of us. We will celebrate our 32 wedding anniversary next month.

So the next time you are facing problem have faith that you can do it and see what happens. Let go and believe. Remember the feeling of being at Disneyland and seeing your favorite character or enjoying your favorite ride. Recapture the feeling of suspending reality long enough to accept believing in what is unbelievable then go succeed.

So recapture Faith, hold onto Trust and enjoy the Pixie Dust of childlike make believe and use it to help you succeed.

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