Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Main Street at Christmas On My IPod

Main Street at Christmas On My IPod

For over an hour today I was taken away from my humdrum life. I was sitting in a market eating an orange waiting for my daughter to get out of school and I turned on my IPod.

On my IPod I have the Christmas music they play on Main Street U.S.A. at Disneyland. I have the entire loop that is over one hour in length. It is played all day, except during parades and fireworks. It is an interesting blend of music from the traditional Christmas Carol celebrating the birth of Christ to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and some about Santa. Some of it is instrumental and some is coral all is beautiful.

So why does this music take me away? Well I've heard it many times at the park during the holiday season over many years. As I sat and listened to it I remembered quiet slow romantic strolls down Main Street looking into shop windows and dreaming of all the goodies we wanted to get each other but could never afford. I remember giddy chats with my husband on how we could do some of the same designs on clothing or in the décor in the items in the display. Some songs I hear and I remember joyful runs down Main Street to get to a ride or show. Other songs I treasure the mental pictures of the hugs and kiss we shared under the beautiful lights. Some songs reminded me of time spent waiting in line to take our picture with Santa, when he was still on Main Street. I would stand there with my husband and young daughter and sing the songs and make up Christmas stories to pass the time.

All of these memories are treasures that I hold deep in my heart and are more precious than any expensive gift I could have ever been given at Christmas. Thank you Disney for the joyful memories you have provided over the years. Thank you to my dear hubby for enjoying it as much as I do and making sure I get to spend as many days as possible in the park during the holidays.

What music brings back memories of special times for you? What takes you away and back to one of the parks?

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