Monday, December 19, 2011

The Advantages of Taking a Baby to Disneyland

The Advantages of Taking a Baby to Disneyland

          There are advantages to taking a baby or toddler to Disneyland?? Yes, there are advantages to taking a baby to Disneyland!

          The first positive thing to taking a baby or young child to Disneyland is you must slow down. You can't go running from ride to ride trying to pack as much into your day as possible. You will have the chance to stop and slowdown so you can see things you might otherwise miss. Stop and smell the flowers and people watch!

          The second advantage is you will spend some fun time with your little one and you may even get some memorable pictures with your sweet bundle of joy and Mickey Mouse. If your child is a baby you will most likely have no problem getting a picture with Mickey or any other character. The characters will be happy to admire your baby as the camera snaps pictures. Now it will be different with a toddler. The characters will be just as happy to cuddle your toddler as they would a baby.  Your toddler may object. Be ready to skip pictures with the oversized mouse, dogs and other characters that could frighten your child. You may end up with a picture that will bring joy and make a lifetime of memories.

          The third advantage to taking a baby and even more so a toddler, is the joy of seeing the park through their eyes. Look at what they are looking at when they are excited. Is it a colorful bed of flowers, a collection of bright lights or one of the characters that has caught their attention? For the slightly older child enjoy the happiness they exhibit as they see a new ride or enjoy a favorite one.

          The fourth advantage is child swap. You child is too young or small to do the exciting big rides you enjoy. If you are with a group you can do a child swap. Get in line with your group and when you reach the cast member at the head of the line ask for a child swap ticket. Let one person or maybe a couple can sit out the ride with the child. The designated person takes the baby and finds a comfortable place to wait or maybe looks around a shop near the ride. When the group has gone through the ride the person who sat out the ride can go up the exit and enter the ride without waiting through the line with one other person. The child swap allows up to two people to go back into the ride. If you do it right each of you can ride your favorite rides twice. One stands in line with the group and rides with them then goes back in with the person that sat out the ride.

          So yes there are advantages to taking a young child to Disneyland! If you can slow down enough and relax taking a young child to Disneyland is a total joy.

          There are ways to make it easier to take a child, especially if you are flying in from a distance. You don't need to bring a stroller with you. You can rent one at the park. Advantages of that are you don't need to bring it. Disadvantage is you have to leave it at the park when you leave each day. You can't take it back to your hotel and if you plan on visiting another local attraction, such as the beach or another amusement park you can't take it with you and you don't have a car seat. You can solve that problem by renting a stroller from my friends at City Stroller Rental. There website is You can rent everything from strollers and car seats to full baby care sets with all you need. They deliver it directly to your hotel! You can use it anywhere you go during the rental period.

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