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Smoking at the Disneyland Resort

Smoking at the Disneyland Resort

          As the awareness of the dangers of smoking sink into the minds of the public guests of the parks have asked that smoking be limited to areas that non smokers can chose to avoid. Over all the areas that area approved for smoking are out of the way and are easy to avoid. Some are not as easy to avoid.

          In Disneyland itself there are three areas and most people use them. There are in New Orleans Square, Fantasyland/Tomorrowland at the border of the two lands and in the Big Thunder Trail near the petting zoo.

          The one in New Orleans Square at the old Kneel Boat Dock. It is right on the water. Sometimes when I'm in a hurry to get from the Adventureland end of New Orleans over to the Haunted Mansion or maybe into Critter Country I forget the smokers and accidently stray into that area. I just hold my breath as I run past.

           Near the entrance to the Matterhorn is the second smoking area. It is in a little area under the Monorail track. It is well marked and the easiest of the smoking areas to avoid or pass without getting a lungful of smoke. It is a nice area with benches and a beautiful view.

          Halfway between Frontierland and Fantasyland on the Big Thunder Trail there is an area for smokers. This to me is the worst planed smoking area. If there is one or two smokers it is not too bad when you pass. If there are a group of smokers there it can be difficult to get past without ending up with a lungful of smoke.

          Disney California Adventure has two smoking areas. One is near the bathrooms in Condor Flats and the other is in the walkway to Paradise Pier under the Screamer' tracks.

          The Condor Flats smoking area needs a good rethinking in my opinion as it is at the beginning of the trail over to Grizzly Rapids. This is where the area is closing in so It is hard to get past without getting the smell of smoke, especially if there are a lot of smokers there.

          The Paradise Pier area is not much better than the Condor Flats. It is in the walkway into Paradise Pier. The area is a little wider than most of the rest of the walkway in that area but it is hard to pass without smelling the smoke.

          The Downtown Disney District only has restrictions on smoking inside the shops and restaurants. The outdoor areas have no smoking restrictions. This is one reason I don't hang out in the DTD area. It is just too much smoke for me to enjoy the area. I usually move as quickly as possible through the area to get to the shop or restaurant I wish to get to and don't enjoy looking around.

          All of the Disneyland Resort Hotels are non smoking. It is a pleasure to stay there. You will have to deal with it outside the hotel but not in the hotel proper.

          Over all people are mindful and follow the guidelines about where they can and cannot smoke. Cast members are quick to kindly ask people to put of their cigarettes and move to a smoking area to smoke. If you see someone smoking where they should not be smoking you can just let a nearby cast member know and they will ask them to stop.

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