Tuesday, April 2, 2013

World of Color

World of Color

            I’ve a shared about the World of Color show at Disney California Adventure in the past but I thought I’d revisited again.
            World of Color is a enjoyable show unlike other shows I’ve seen at Disney parks. World of Color does not have a story it tells. Instead using clips from Disney movies it takes you on an emotional journey.
One moment you are feeling wonder and excitement not knowing what is going to happen next. Then you feel the joy of the parents love for a child. Moving on you travel through true love found in all the Princess stories. But even the harder emotions are not left out you experience loss when Mufasa dies. You feel the thrill of adventure with the Pirates of the Caribbean. And rejoice in a happily ever after.
Recently while waiting to see World of Color it cast member told me to stay till the very end and watch. He told me to watch for Little Squirt, the final fountain to go down at the end the show. Little Squirt is an orange fountain that goes up above the others at the end of the show and then bows good night to the crowd. The reason Little Squirt is orange is to honor Walt Disney. Walt’s favorite color was orange so in a way Little Squirt saying good night and thank you Walt Disney.

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