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Disney Cruise Future Dreaming

Disney Cruise Future Dreaming

            Okay there’s been a lot of rumors out on the internet about future plans for the Disney Cruise Line. At this time there are no confirmations from the Disney Cruise Line as to what future plans are. Rumors run the gambit from major refurbishment of the Magic and Wonder to the addition of two ships to the Disney fleet. Some rumors even state the possibility of the Disney Magic being retired (the Magic is about 15 years old).
            With all the possibilities being tossed around and knowing an announcement is coming April 24th I thought I’d toss my two cents out. No, I don’t know what the Disney Cruise Line is up to. I’m just stating what I’d like to see at what I think would be good for both the cruise line and guests.
            I would love to see two new ships in the Disney fleet. If that happens here are some fun ideas for itineraries that I have.
Island hop Hawaii. This could also include two week cruises from Los Angeles to Hawaii with stays at Disney’s Aluani resort.
United States Pacific Coast cruises. Leaving from Los Angeles, San Diego or San Francisco stop at one of the other California major tourist ports listed above and then cruise on into Oregon or Washington State with a stop in Canada. Travel to Mexico is no longer that attractive to many people due to the drug cartels. The Wonder could also spend part of the year going to Alaska. I’ll be honest, I’d like to see them head to Alaska from a US West Coast port.
Dream and Fantasy:
Leave them where they are! Maybe alter the itinerary some as to where they stop but continue to keep them at Port Canaveral.
New Ship One:
For at least part of the year run out of New York doing cruises to Canada, Bahamas and the Caribbean. Continue stops Port Canaveral with a day at WDW.
New Ship Two:
For at least part of the year go out of Galveston Texas as the Magic has been.
Any of the ships to be taken for a few months out of the year to Europe for cruises in the Mediterranean.
Having been on the Disney Wonder just two years ago I can tell you the older ships do need some downtime. The ships are still beautiful and well maintained but some of the fine detail is beginning to show its age. That is to be expected after this many years in harsh seawater and whether. I believe it is time for both the Magic and the Wonder to get some tender loving care. I do not believe that either one of the ships has reached the end of its life. I do believe that Disney will not behave like other cruise lines (that shall remain nameless and that I’ll never sail on) and use the ships beyond their useful life. A well-maintained cruise ship is designed to survive 30 years at sea with proper maintenance. The older ship in the Disney fleet, the Magic is 15 years old so she still has more good years ahead.
Some of the fun things I’d like to see added to the Magic and Wonder when they go down for refurbishment is the addition of some of the fun things they have on the newer ships, Dream and Fantasy. I’d love to see the interactive art and the multiple popcorn songs. Updating Animators Palette is also a good idea.

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