Monday, April 22, 2013

Don't You Get Board Going So Often?

Don’t You Get Board Going So Often?

            We are frequently asked why we go so often to Disneyland. The next question is, “Don’t you get board?” Simple and quick answer is NO!
            So now for the more difficult answer to the question. So how do we keep from getting board? We make a choice not to be board. Each time we go we have a plan. We don’t do every ride all the time. We also often theme our trips. We work hard to have the right attitude when going and choose to suspend disbelief so we can “fly” with Peter Pan and “swim” with Nemo. Some days are photo trips. We will look for particular shots for themed Facebook Pages, in particular for Walt’s Basement. Other days we choose to do shows and parades. Sometimes it is a shopping day. Often we don’t even ride a single ride, we just people watch. Whatever the plan for the day we try give ourselves time to just relax and enjoy being together in a fun place.
            We will talk the day or so before picking our experience. We will talk about what rides or shows we want to ride and see. We will talk about any items we need to purchase at the park. We often purchase gifts at the park.
            When we ride a ride such as Pirates of the Caribbean we watch for things that change. Often an animatronic Pirate or animal will be missing. The Pirate might be getting his annual bath or the animal getting a meal. ;-) Sometimes the 3rd shift will have fun and put Mickey Ears on one of the Pirates. It is a fun challenge looking for what is changed.
            Another thing we sometimes to is listen to the other guests around us. If there is a family around that are first time visitors we may play tour guide for a time. It is fun to see the park through the eyes of a first time visitor again.
            My husband has memory problems caused by an electrical accident. For him it is an art form to choose to not remember every corner of the ride. He chooses to look at the ride as if he had never ridden it before.
            Don’t be afraid to have a favorite ride and do it as often as you wish. Don’t be afraid to go and research the history and facts on the ride. Stop and talk to the Cast Members.
            So do we get board? Not often.

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