Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Goodbye Main Street Market House ~ Hello Starbucks

Goodbye Main Street Market House ~ Hello Starbucks

            Disneyland’s Main Street Market House has closed its doors for the last time. When the doors to the building reopened it will be a Starbucks Coffee Shop. This is a sad day for fans of the Main Street Market House. Gone are the days of free coffee refills.
            As we all know Disneyland is always changing. There is a lot of discussion and differing opinions about Starbucks coming to Disney Parks. Many people think it will break the theme or feel of the parks. Many just don’t do well with change and want things to remain as they are forever. Many are excited to be able to get their favorite coffee concoction while in the parks.

            As far as the theming of the Starbucks coming to Main Street I believe it will be done well and stay in the same theme as the rest of main Street. Disney and Starbucks did well with the theming of the Fiddler, Fife and Practical coffee shop in Disney’s California Adventure. The FFP coffee shop is a treat to the eyes as well as the taste buds. I expect the same on Main Street.
            I am one of the people that is not too happy with change. But, I understand changes must be made to keep the Park growing and enjoyable for the future generations. There are things in the Main Street Market House that I hope to not get lost. There is always been a checkerboard game set up that anybody could stop to play next to a potbelly stove. I hope that chessboard is not removed because it is a look back into a slower paced time in American life. I hope that the Party Line Phones that are place in the Main Straight Market House are not removed.

            Starbucks is one of the most popular coffeehouses around. It will be nice for those that like their Starbucks to be able to get their favorite concoction while enjoying the Park.
            For now we will just have to wait for the remodel to be done to see how this all works out.

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