Thursday, April 18, 2013

Update on Boy that Drowned on Disney Fantasy

Update on Boy that Drowned on Disney Fantasy


About three weeks ago I told you about a little boy drowning on the Disney Fantasy before they even left port. In the past few days I found this little guy has a Facebook page and his family is doing their best to keep people updated on his condition. The little boy’s name is Chase Lykken, I will put a link to his Facebook page at the bottom of this post.
This is what I want to share. From what I found out before, Chase’s parents either left him for a moment near the Fantasy’s pools or he got away from them. He jumped into the Donald Family pool where another child jumped in and landed on him causing injury and drowning.
Chase was pulled out of the pool quickly and CPR performed but due to the injuries it took a while to get his heart going and him breathing again. At this time, from what I can understand from the Facebook posts Chase is mostly unresponsive. He does open his eyes some but is suffering neuro-storms. He may be moving some on command but not much.
In other words there is major neurological damage. I felt it was important to share what update I could find and to remind all parents to watch their children closely, especially around pools as summer approaches. Remember there is no substitute for an attentive parent.
If you go visit Chase’s Facebook page be positive and supportive. This family has been through a lot and needs all the support they can get. They are not blaming anybody and do not need to be chastised for this horrible accident. They need all the prayer and moral support you can give.
If you feel you should or can assist them financially here is a link to a donation site set up to help cover the cost of his medical care. It is going to be a long road to recovery for this little guy.
Fund raising through
Chase’s Facebook page

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