Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Disney Buys the Hasbro Toy Company

Disney Buys the Hasbro Toy Company

            I saw the headline “Disney Buys the Hasbro Toy Company”. It’s been a few days and I still haven’t figured out totally how I feel about it. I still don't know if this is just a rumor.
            On the pro side of this purchase Disney has full control over the merchandise being made to market their movies and characters. They will be able to ensure the safety and quality of the toys that bear their brand name. There have been issues in the recent past with toys having to be recalled due to various safety concerns such as lead content. Disney will have more quality control.
            On the con side is a well-known and well-respected namebrand that is been around for generations has been gobbled up by Disney. What about non-Disney theme toys? Will those be lost or will everything become Disney? Hasbro owns Playskool toys. Will all toys made for that division now have Mickey Mouse on them? Will you be able to buy a Monopoly game that is not Disney theme?
            There’s another interesting thought, what about the Transformer Franchise? Does Disney get that as well? Will Optimus Prime be seen with mouse ears? What about the Transformer ride at Universal Studios Hollywood? Will they have to remove it? Sorry so many questions with so few answers! Will Disney takeover the Transformer Franchise and start making Transformer movies?
            So Disney not only has multiple movie studios, Disney, Pixar, Lucas Films to name a few. They also now own a comic book empire, Marvel and of course their amusement parks and cruise line. What will Disney not be into? While I love Disney and believe it is one of the best entertainment companies out there I would not want to see it be the only choice. When one person, company or group controls too much they tend to become domineering and less likely to listen to public opinion.

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