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Disneyland Forced to Close 3 Rides

Disneyland Forced to Close 3 Rides

            Cal OSHA told Disneyland to close Resort Space Mountain, Matterhorn Bobsleds, and Soarin’ Over California for safety violations. These safety violations have nothing to do with guest safety. These are all safety violations having to do with the maintenance of the outside façade of the buildings for these rides.
            November 20, 2012 a worker cleaning the outside of the Space Mountain fell and was badly injured. According to documents Cal OSHA informed Disneyland of violations in regards to safety protocol and equipment used when cleaning that attraction. Disneyland was given time to appeal the decision and or make ordered changes.
            I do believe that Disney Parks are the safest of any amusement park you can be in. I also believe they do their best to maintain a safe work environment. But, the nature of the attractions in the parks does bring a certain level of risk to both guest and worker. As a guest I accept a certain level of risk. If I were to work at a Disney Park, especially maintenance I would expect a higher level of risk. It is incumbent upon both guest and employee to follow existing safety protocols/rules.
            Cal OSHA is known for wanting to keep everybody in padded rooms so no one gets hurt. I honestly believe they would ban paper or require warnings to protect people from paper cuts if they could. Many of their policies are overreaching and greatly overreacting to incidences. I know in the past Cal OSHA, in my humble opinion overreacted and requiring wailing on wide easily walked tracks that are not very high on the Alice in Wonderland ride.
            Cal OSHA is notorious for requiring redundant safety systems such as portable fire extinguishers when there is a fire sprinkler system in the facility. Once Cal OSHA shows up is almost impossible to get them to leave.
            If Disney did not provide proper safety gear, guidelines and training for those maintaining the outside of the bride buildings (Space Mountain, Matterhorn Mountain and Soarin’ Over California) they should be penalized. It appears that in the case of Space Mountain it was an outside company hired to clean the building that employed the worker that fell. It was not a Disney Cast Member cleaning the outside of Space Mountain. So the question is who is responsible to make sure the worker follows proper safety rules and uses adequate safety gear?
            Here is a link to the DOSH document in regards to the alleged safety violations.

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