Monday, April 15, 2013

Traveling in Troubled Times

Traveling in Troubled Times

            While we need to honor, respect and remember those killed and injured in the bombings at the Boston Marathon and a potentially related explosion at the JFK Library we must not allow it to stop us from living our lives.
            We must remember “terrorists” have only one goal and that is to create “terror”. The way to foil them at their own game is to refuse to be terrorized! Do not give in!
            Be aware of things around you. Is there an unattended package, bag, backpack or purse? Don’t just leave it lay, report it! Do not touch it, do not approach it just notified security or police.
            For those of us who enjoy going to Disney Parks, keep going! Terrorists would love nothing more than to have us cower in our homes in fear. Instead run out go to a Park and enjoy! Be aware Disney will do the wise thing and up their security. If you are planning on going to a Disney Park any time soon be prepared for more stringent bag checks and more security in the parks. This is a reasonable and realistic reaction to the situation.
            It would be wise to discuss with your party what to do in the case of a disastrous situation such as what happened at the Boston Marathon. Have two meeting places. Make sure everybody knows where to go if you get separated. If you have young children you do not need to make them afraid and described the possible but not probable situation of a bomb or other terrorist act in a Park. Instead just tell them if anything happens that separate you meet at . . . You could suggest guest relations, the flagpole or any central location. Have a secondary location in mind just in case you can no longer go to the first location.
            Teach your children what cast member ID badges look like. Tell them they can always go to a cast member for assistance if they are separated from you. Point out in particular what the security guards look like. Encourage your children to say hi and ask questions of the cast member so that they are comfortable walking up to them.
            This is not only for Disney Parks but for anywhere you go. Whether it be a movie theater, the mall, local city park or sports arena, be aware of what is going on around you. Is somebody leaving a bag somewhere it should not be left unattended? Is somebody acting suspiciously? If so keep your eye on them and reported it’s appropriate.
            Our safety is our responsibility. I’m speaking of us corporately. You are your brother’s keeper. You want to make sure they stay safe because if they do you will. If you watch out for them they will watch out for you. If we all work together we can make this a safe place to live

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