Friday, April 19, 2013

Is It Safe to Travel?

Is It Safe to Travel?

            With all it’s going on in Boston Massachusetts right now you may be rethinking travel plans. Once again I’m going to state I believe that we should not give in to the terrorists! As long as we pay attention to what is going on around us we can be as safe as possible matter where we are.
            Let me say again what I’ve said before. A terrorist goal was to cause terror so don’t let them win! Go about your life as you normally would. Go to the market, go to school, go to work and go have fun!
In the coming days security at Disney Parks will most likely be more stringent. Thank God it should be! So what should you do to alleviate concerns and feel safer going to a place like a Disney Park? Here are my suggestions:
·        Cooperate with security restrictions
Don’t attempt to bring in items you know are restricted
·        Be aware of what is going on around you
Report if somebody is acting suspicious
Report bags that are left unattended
Report anything that seems out of place
·        Follow instructions if something happens
·        Do not panic
Don’t use the horrible bombings and events that followed in Boston stop you from living and loving life. Do not allow this to spur hatred in your heart. Be angry at the people that did the damage but do not use it as an excuse to harbor hatred towards any specific group of people.
In my humble opinion the trip to Disney or any of your favorite fun places is the best response to the situation. Disney can remind us to laugh and in doing so we can heal. As you walk through a Disney Park many of the rides and shows come from other cultures and lands. When you stopped to watch them they can remind you that each culture has a rich history with good things to learn from it. No matter where you look in a Disney Park you will see people of all ethnic and religious backgrounds laughing and enjoying things together. What better way to remind yourself and more importantly your children that love and laughter is the answer not hatred.
If we respond with love and laughter the terrorists lose! What if instead of causing terror and suspicion they brought us together! Instead of showing our weakness we show our strength. Those that did this, whether done for religious, political or personal reasons are warped and damaged people. No matter what their faith, politics or reason if we stand together we will do nothing but frustrate them and show them they cannot win.

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