Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Alternative Way to Get Items to Your Disney Cruise Ship

Alternative Way to Get Items to Your Disney Cruise Ship

            So you’ve joined a Fish Extender Group, good for you! Now you have to figure out how to get your Fish Extender goodies to the ship! Don’t worry Disney is there to help you.
            You can mail ahead of box that will be delivered to your stateroom when you arrive! There are some very simple rules about what you can send ahead. Here are the rules in a nutshell.
What you cannot pack in the box:
·        food products (all and any food products)
·        baby food/formula (unless shipped through Babies Travel Lite)
·        beverages (liquor, water, etc.)
·        chemicals
·        luggage
·        any item prohibited from being brought aboard by other policies
All boxes will be inspected by Custom Officials. They will walk their dogs to the warehouse and if their dogs alert to anything in your box your box will be open. If the dog alerts to food, weapons or chemicals your box will be inspected in your items confiscated.
Your box must arrive by the following timeframe:
·        Sailing on Saturday or Sunday the package must arrive by 3 PM the Friday before you sail.
·        Sailing on a weekday the package must arrive by 3 PM the day before the cruise. For example, if you’re leaving on Thursday the box must be there by 3 PM Wednesday.
The following information must be on the box be delivered.
*Sale Date
*Ship Name
*State room Number
*Packing slip that details the contents of the package. (For prescriptions, a copy of the prescription is sufficient.)
The address to ship when sailing from Port Canaveral is:
Disney Cruise Line Warehouse
8633 Transport Drive
Orlando, FL 32832
Phone: 407 566–8196
Fax: 407 566–3505
Because other ports such as the Port of Miami, Galveston, New York, Los Angeles and others are temporary ports I’m not going to list the addresses for them. You can contact the Disney Cruise Line for that information.
You can contact them at:
or by phone
(800) 951-3532

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