Thursday, October 4, 2012

You're Going to Disney Without a Kid? Are You Nuts?

You’re Going to Disney Without a Kid? Are You Nuts?

My simple answer to that question is NO!

Yes, I have a teenage daughter but she is not as interested in Disney as we are. She does not want to go and spend time at the parks with us anymore. So we go without her. People often ask why we go without her and wonder how it can be fun without a kid. The answer is simple. We enjoy Disney. We like the safe, clean, wholesome and yes corny fun to be found at all Disney Parks and the Disney Cruise Line.

So what can adults do at a Disney Park to have ‘fun’? We enjoy people watching, riding the rides (yes, we even enjoy the ‘kiddie’ rides), watching the shows, enjoying a quiet meal and just walking around. Doing Disney adult style can be a much more relaxed experience than doing Disney with children.

Doing Disney, Parks or Cruise without a child can be a romantic and rejuvenating experience. Instead of the mommy/daddy I want . . . you can relax and do what you want. No running after kids, you can stroll through the park. Instead of focusing on keeping your child calm in line you can . . . dare I say it? . . . talk or maybe steal a kiss in line. You can hold hands as you walk through the park or stroll the deck of your Disney Cruise ship.

Some parents feel like they are being bad parents going to Disney without their children. I say you are wrong. If you enjoy Disney GO. Use the time to regroup and rekindle your relationship. Give yourself the opportunity to laugh and just be the couple you were before the kids. Did you go to Disney when dating? I know many teens and twenty somethings do go to Disney for dates. I know my husband and I did! Did you go to Disney as a couple before your children were born? Again my husband and I did. They why should you not enjoy Disney just as much now without your child as you did before they were born.

Disney is not just for kids. Every show, ride and attraction has something for both adults and kids alike. Walt Disney knew you had to entertain both children and adults. He knew if you just focused on one demographic and ignored the other you would not entertain either.

If you have never done Disney without a child along I suggest you try it. When you do Disney kidless try different things that you would not do if your kids are around. If your child is a let’s do all the rides and shows are a snore then do the shows without them. If your child is younger and can’t do all the “big kid” rides then go for them! Splurge on a meal, maybe make it a character meal! Recapture the child inside of yourself so you can be a better parent.


  1. We have went twice without kids, for our anniversary. It is so worth it:) Disney is not just for kids:)

  2. I so agree! We do a few day trips to DLR every month without our daughter. We also did an Anniv trip without her. Did a week on the Disney Wonder to Mexico. ;-) Totally AMAZING! Went with another couple and they don't have children. LOL

  3. We have a two year old and when we had Disney annual passes we go on date nights without our kid all the time! Love going with our son, but love going with just the husband as well.


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