Monday, October 22, 2012

Billy Hill and the Haunted Hillbillies at Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree

Billy Hill and the Haunted Hillbillies
The Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree
Halloween Carnival

For Halloween the Big Thunder Ranch theater area is taken over with holiday fun for Halloween! The Conjure a Villain is at the back of the area and next to that are fair type games to play. Swing around the edge of the area and there are tables set up to make your Carnival Masks. Come around to the stage decked out with ghosts and witches.

 In the middle of the area is a pumpkin carver making the most amazing jack-o-lanterns you have ever seen. You can only dream of carving one of the works of art!

Let’s start with the Conjure a Villain. You get in line and wait for your turn to go into the Conjuring Tent with your group. You are treated to a 5 minute or so long show where you Conjure a Villain. You don’t know what Disney Villain will show up. After the show you can hang around and meet the villain that was conjured and get an autograph and picture.

The games are just carnival type fun games handled with Disney style. There are many tables with all you need to make a fun Halloween mask. Get there early to do you mask so it is ready for the show. I do suggest you do stop and take the time before or after the show to enjoy the carved pumpkins.

Disney Characters dressed in fun Halloween outfits wonder around greeting guests and signing autographs.

Now onto the show! Grab the mask you just made and get ready to run up front when the Billies come out! They will lead a procession around the area as the show starts. Once the show starts one of the Billie Brothers refuses to play his fiddle because he believes it is HAUNTED! This show is a fun romp through Halloween fun and some great folk music of the past.

Here is video of the entire show. Hope you enjoy seeing it and can make it to the park to see it for yourself.

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