Monday, October 15, 2012

Christmas Changes at Disneyland

Christmas Changes at Disneyland

 Rumors are going around that Santa will leave his reindeer at the North Pole along with Mrs. Claus. For the past few years Santa and Mrs. Claus along with all of the reindeer could been found at Santa’s Reindeer Romp in the Big Thunder Ranch area. Mrs. Claus and the reindeer will be missed. For years Reindeer have been flown in from the North Pole for guests to enjoy. It is also rumored that Santa will no longer be in the cabin at the Big Thunder Ranch area. Instead he will be in the Fantasy Festival area.

I find it sad that Mrs. Claus and the reindeer will not be there. I also am sad that he will not be in the cabin as I feel it gives a wonderful backdrop for pictures. It was always beautifully decorated and looked like it really could be Santa’s home.

The biggest news is the addition of more days of Candlelight! From the beginning at DLR there have only been 2 nights of Candlelight. It has always been the first weekend of December. This year there will be 20 nights of Candlelight and you can purchase a dining package with VIP seating for this wonderful and moving show.

For all the years I’ve gone to DLR during the holidays I’ve never seen Candlelight. Most years I’ve not been able to get to the park on the dates it has been there. If I was lucky enough to be there I have been busy with family/friends that were not interested in taking the time required to get a spot to see the show. This year I’m going to Candlelight!

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