Sunday, October 21, 2012

Disneyland is NOT Walt Disney World

Disneyland is NOT Walt Disney World

It seems that more and more Disneyland is being managed by remote from Florida and is being treated like Walt Disney World.

Here is my biggest complaint. Disneyland now charges for Mickey’s Halloween Party. While I do agree it is fine to have an area or special event for holidays such as Halloween I believe they are taking it too far and closing down Disneyland completely for the party as it leaves many guests angry and frustrated.

DLR has just the two parks. DL is the granddame of all Disney parks and by far the more exciting of the two DLR parks. DCA now has Cars Land and is picking up and gaining a following but still is not as popular or as full as DL. If they wanted to shut down a park close DCA and put the party there. They did that at the beginning of the parties. DCA already closes earlier than DL so shutting down an hour or so earlier for the party.

It does not matter as much if they close down a part at WDW early because there are other parks to enjoy. At DLR they are closing DL for the party around the same time DCA is closing. People that have saved for and planned their special Disneyland Resort trip may end up without a park to go to in the evening because they did not purchase an extra ticket for the party that costs ¾ the cost a single day park hopper ticket. Sometime this year DL has closed as early as 5pm! DCA closes at 7pm and they go across the esplanade to DL and can’t get in.

Rumors are floating around that next year they will be doing the same thing for Christmas. Special parties off and on throughout the holiday with DL closing early for people that pay extra. I’m hoping it does not happen. I love the holiday fireworks and snow and if they do this pay to party idea I’ll be one of the many not be able to see it.

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