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Bug's Land

Bug’s Land

Flik's Flyers

At Disney California Adventure there is a land of the small, Bug’s Land. Bug’s Land is themed after the Pixar Movie Bug’s Life with fun reminders of the Toy Story Movies. Bug’s Land is a bug’s eye view of a urban backyard. Trash is used to create fun rides and useful décor. Straws are light poles and the ‘lights’ are fireflies. The restroom is a upside down Kleenex box. Benches are made of popsicle sticks.

Bugs Land celebrates all the little creatures that help our world in many big ways.  The area also celebrates farming and the great outdoors and the bugs that help keep the plants growing. You can come into Bugs Land either from the area once called Bountiful Valley or through one of the two new entrances that lead to Hollywood Land or Cars Land. I find this area fun to walk through and look at. The colors, whimsical attention to detail and fantastic theming make it fun. Now the rides are kiddie type rides, enjoyable to adults every once in a while but not as big a draw for older kids, teens and most adults on a regular basis.

Francis' Ladybug Boogie Sign

There are people that say Disney should take out Bugs Land and expand Cars Land or do something else with that area. Some fans suggest a Marvel themed land. Many people do not like Bugs Land because it is a little child area. They say there is not enough to do there and it is just dumbed down.

Disney added Bugs Land shortly after DCA opened because DCA was considered a “teen’s park” with not much for younger kids or older adults to do. They met the needs of the little kids by adding Bugs Land with rides that are mild. It is the DCA equivalent of Fantasyland as far as being for the younger kids yet it has no ‘dark rides’.

Bugs Land has “It’s Tough to be a Bug” 3D show and 4 rides. When you enter the area you are ‘shrunk’ to the size of a bug! At least that is the way you feel. The four rides in Bugs Land are Flick’s Flyers, made from discarded food containers such as Chinese takeout and animal cracker boxes. Frances’ Ladybug Boogie, a hyped up figure 8 spinning teacup type ride where a crazy group of Ladybugs dance around. Tuck & Rolls Drive Em’ Buggies is fun carnival type bumper car ride. Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train is a sweet ride with Heimlich the caterpillar. As you travel around you smell the goodies that Heimlich wishes to eat. There is also Princess Dot’s Puddle Park where the kids and you can play in the sprinklers and cool off. (Again you are bug size and the sprinklers are huge.)

Girls Play in the Water at Princess Dot Puddle Park

The fact that Bugs Land is right off of Cars Land and has direct access by a walkway that leads from Heimlich’s Chew Chew to Luigi’s Flying Tires makes it an attractive convenience for families with a mix of ages in the family. You can divide and some go to Cars Land and hit Radiator Springs Racers. RSR has a height limit of 40 inches so those that are too small can hit Bugs Land while the bigger kid group does RSR. You are still near enough to reconnect quickly and be able to do Child Swop so all the adults in the group can ride RSR.

The two newest of the entrances do not give you the shrinking feeling. The entrances from Hollywood Land and Cars Land are the newest and in my opinion do not give you the feeling of shrinking that the original entrance does. The original entrance is through an empty cereal box. (There are ‘cut out’ Toy Story paper dolls ‘printed’ on the inside of the ‘box’.) The walk through the cereal box gives you the feeling of being as small as a bug. 

Sign for Bug's Life Theater

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