Sunday, October 14, 2012

Evening Entertainment on the Disney Cruise

Evening Entertainment on the Disney Cruise

Just because the sun has set at sea it does not mean the fun has ended for the day. In fact night time is my most favorite time on the Disney Cruise.

Every evening on the Disney Cruise there is entertainment. All but one night there a live Broadway style stage play or a first run Disney movie in the main theaters. One night of the cruise there will not be a show in the theaters. Instead there is a Pirate Deck Party with fireworks. Depending on your scheduled meal time you will see the show right before or shortly after dinner. The Pirates-In-The Caribbean Deck Party is held once and starts after the second seating dinner is over.

After diner and the show the fun does not end! There are shows and dancing in various lounges around the ship. Before 9 pm most of these are family themed events and you can enjoy them as a family. Some are game show style guest participation required, Karaoke, and dancing with live music or DJs.

After 9 pm the lounge shows go adult in content. There are comedians, DJs, Bands and piano players in the various lounges with dancing and Karaoke. You can sit and listen to music until the wee hours of the morning if you wish.

The children’s programs also go late into the night if your child is not old enough to leave in the cabin alone so don’t pass up the chance for some grown up time! The kids will not feel left out because they will be in their PJs listening to stories with their favorite Disney characters, playing games, making new friends or maybe camping out.

If you are not interested in any of the shows you can always go and watch sports in the ESPN Zone sports bar or enjoy a drink and some quiet time in one of the lounges that is not doing a show.

To find out what is happing and to better make a choice what to do check your Personal Navigator early in the day so you can pick what interests you the most.

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