Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pranking Pixie Update

Pranking Pixie Update

I have had a lifelong love of Disney. I think it comes from growing up in Burbank near the Disney Studio. A good number of my extended family members work or worked in the movie industry while I was growing up, some at Disney. Many of my friends work in the entertainment industry. I’ve played at Griffith Park and ridden the Merry-Go-Round where Walt would watch his girls and dream of a place where parents could have fun with their children. So it is no surprise Disney is where I’d apply for a job.

I’m hoping to get this job to help with the finances of my family. For almost 13 years I’ve spent my time as a stay at home mother raising my daughter. She will soon turn 18 and graduate High School. Because my little girl is becoming a young woman I can now go back into the job market. Considering my love of Disney it only makes since my first choice of employers is Disney.

This crazy Pranking Pixie has applied for a job at the local Disney Store! I had an interview on Tuesday. The interview was long, fun and very interesting. I will know soon if I got the job and will post on both Facebook and here if I got it.

For now, if I get the job it will be a seasonal job lasting into mid-January, 2013. There is a possibility of it turning into a permanent job depending on my performance and the availability of a permanent position at that time.

I’m sharing this information because I consider all of you, my readers my friends. I also want to let you know if I get this job I may have to reduce the number of posts I put up each week as my time will be limited.

I’m also asking for your help. With my time being more limited I could use help coming up with ideas for articles. You can all help by liking the Pixie Pranks Facebook page and posting questions about anything Disney you would like answered. I may not be able to answer all your questions but I will try and find answers to what I don’t know. I would also like to know if you would like me to continue series like the Biographies I’m doing on Wednesdays and Filmstrip Friday’s. Are there any other ‘series type’ sets of information you would like to see? Would you like me to take a day a week and write about rides that are no longer in the parks? How about a ride review/history day each week? Please help me by letting me know. I will take all suggestions seriously and see what I can do. Liking the Facebook page is a great way to keep in touch with what is going on. I always post a link to the days blog article there.

Here is the link to the PixiePranks Facebook page:


  1. Please do a little diddy on hidden mickeys. Please write about the whens of the holiday changes to small world. Any thing you know about the upcoming princess faire, and what used to be in that spot? Horrified to say I can't remember. Tell me what you know about the side/graveyard queue at the haunted mansion. Gotta have more information about lily belle. Have you ever been to club 33? Or the Dream Suite? And who gets that anyway? I'd love blogs on these and I have millions more. I don't care for film strip friday its more fun to read your other stuff. Does anything go on special Halloween Day aside from Mickey's party? Where can I drop off my 100 year old grandma while I park the car at DLR? I will be there Thursday, November 1st. See you then.
    Angela RN

  2. Thank you for your input Angla! I'll do more on Hidden Mickeys and when the holiday changes are happening. As an FYI some of the Christmas decore is going up in DLR. New Orleans already has some of the larger decorations up. The castle has some of it's snow. Small World is either down now or going down in the next couple of days for it's Holiday Overlay. It will be down on the first and up again on November 8th.

    You can drop your grandma off at the drop off area near the bus stop on Harbor. The driveway is marked 15 minute loading/drop off. I believe it is still there. You can also ask to park in the Pinocchio section of the Mickey & Friends lot. You can drop her off at the walkway to the trams so she does not have to walk as far.

  3. BTW Yes I've been to Club 33 thanks to someone you at your work. It was an anniversary gift.

    I've never been in the Dream Suite but I know that it is Make a Wish kids/families that get to stay there. I've only seen pictures. I'm trying to get a tour.

    I believe Halloween Day is a normal day other than the party, if they are having it that day.


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