Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Disney Cruise Deals

Disney Cruise Deals

Disney Cruise Line often has some great deals. Florida and California residents can get a discount on some cruises. There is one other great deal that you should always watch out for. When you are booking make sure you ask for any deals that may be there or contact a Travel Agent that does Disney Cruises to help you find the best deal available for the sail dates you wish.

Right now if you book a trip out of Galveston, Texas on certain cruise dates kids under 17 can sail free! If you have already booked a cruise and have not yet paid it off you can see if you can take advantage of this fantastic deal! You may need to alter your sail date but it can save you hundreds of dollars. I know we took advantage of this type of deal on a cruise out of Los Angeles, California in 2011. Two adults and two kids under the age of 17 were booked for $2,400 for a week long cruise to Mexico.

Are you going to be on a Disney Cruise soon? Here is another deal I want to encourage you to consider taking advantage of while on the ship. If you book your next cruise while you are still on the ship you get a 10% discount on your next cruise! All you need is $250 per person for deposit. If you find they don’t have the dates you wish to sail next you can book as far out as is available and they change the date later. You will still get the discount even if you change the date. If you can have the deposit money available when you go so you can book your next cruise.

Disney Cruise prices are somewhat higher than the average cruise but if you watch you can find great deals. Also you do receive Disney service and quality. I highly recommend a Disney Cruise.

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