Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Green Construction Monster of Disney Parks

The Green Construction Monster of Disney Parks

At the Disneyland Resort when they close off an area, ride or building for refurbishment they put up a green wall that has the nick name, given my many longtime frequent guests the Green Monster. Sometimes it is tan not green but still there.

This ugly green wall allows Disney to keep the illusion going while they make needed repairs, upgrades and even new construction.

In the past few years DLR has gone through many construction phases to add many fun attractions and make needed repairs. During this time they have gotten more creative with the Green Monster. They have put up the wall then covered the buildings behind with screens that have a picture of the building they are hiding on them giving the allusion, at a quick glance only that all is as it should be.

While at Disney California Adventure I found some interesting ‘construction’ going on. It seems that the new walkway around the Carthay Circle Theater needed to be replaced/repaired. Instead of a wooden wall they would normally use they put a wall of shrubs in low green planters.

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