Saturday, October 20, 2012

Conjure a Villain

Conjure a Villain

The last time I was at Disneyland I have the pleasure of seeing a wonderful little show, Conjure a Villain! This is a Halloween special event.

This cute little show in the Big Thunder Ranch area is inside a tent. A group of 30 or so guests are taken inside the tent and together Conjure a Disney Villain. It may be The Evil Queen, Hook, Cruella DeVill or any of the other Disney Villains that pop out onto the platform. The entire show lasts about 5 minutes.

After the conjuring of the Villain the group inside the tent lines up to meet the Villain and get autographs and pictures. The entire thing takes about 30 to 40 minutes for both the show and meet and greet.

We had the pleasure of being part of a Conjuring session that Conjured the Evil Queen. We stood at the back and watched the Queen greet each guest and spend a few moments with her. Nobody was hurried as they approached for their audience with the Queen.

The Queen was regal and kept her ‘servants’ hopping taking pictures and assisting the guests in approaching her for their audience. She was forceful and ‘frightful’ without being terrifying.

If you are at Disneyland before Halloween I suggest you stop by and Conjure a Villain. It is fun and a great way to enjoy the spooky fun moment.

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