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The Lines for Radiator Springs Racers

The Lines for Radiator Springs Racers

RSR has three lines; Standby (the usual line and always the longest), Single Rider (For people who are riding alone and or people that don't mind being split up. This is faster than the Standby and great if you don’t have a FP.), and the Fastpass (Usually the shortest of the lines). Our last visit the lines were at the shortest they have ever been for RSR! Standby was down to 50 minutes!

All the lines run side by side for a time and get to see many of the same things. The Single Rider and FP lines have nice signs and such and a few trees with a couple of bridges to go under for shade. Not much in the way of shade in these two lines. Now the Standby line has lots of shade!

If you have a disability that makes long lines a problem you will be given a special FP for this ride. You will use the FP line. We have done this every time we have gone until our last visit. Because the line was down to 50 minutes on our last visit we decided to see what was in the line. We could see parts of the line from the other lines but not all the special things. We knew the Oil Bottle House and a Gas Station were part of it but had never been “inside” these.

The Standby Line has lots of shade. There are the bridges that the other two lines go under and the two buildings I mentioned, the Oil Bottle House and the Gas Station. Disney could have put up cloth canopies for a lot less money to provide shade, but instead they added to the experience of the ride and entire area by showing you more of Radiator Springs and Ornament Valley. These “buildings” are more permanent roofs to provide shade than real buildings. You wind around inside the buildings able to look at the walls and the décor. The Oil Bottle House is lots of fun with the play of light through the bottles that were used to make the walls. There are also glass oil bottles on display up high on a shelf. The walls have large openings to let the air flow through and even a couple of large fans have been hung from the ceiling to help keep guests cool while waiting during the So. Cal. summer heat. The other building has gas pumps that are fun to look at.

As a side note the lines are at the shortest they have been since opening. The line is down from three plus hours (opening day got to seven hours) to 50 minutes. I do not expect this to last long as the holiday season is quickly coming and people will be headed to the parks for the holidays. I still suggest getting a FP if you can. Disney is using the FP machines for It’s Tough to be a Bug attraction for RSR. They are located on the main walkway from Buena Vista Street on the left side near the entrance to It’s Tough to be a Bug. The FPs go quickly so get there early and grab one while you can!

If you have a disability and get a Guest Assistance Pass (GAP) card with double arrows you will need to get a special FP for this ride. Go to FP dispersal location near the entrance to RSR (at the far end of Route 66) and show them your GAP card. They will give you one FP for your entire party. You usually have to return later, the return time is usually the same length of time as the Standby wait time. When that time comes around return to the FP line and show both your FP and your GAP. If you have problems with stairs let the Cast Member at the far end of the FP line know and they will direct you to a special loading location. There are two sets of stairs to exit after the ride if you do not tell them. You will need to go up one flight of stairs to the photo purchase location then down another set of stairs to exit. If you bypass the stairs you will still be able to purchase your photo. There is a CM and a screen so you can see your picture and you just tell the CM you wish to purchase it. They will bring your picture to you.

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