Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Life Changes

Life Changes

Twelve years ago I quit my job to homeschool and raise our daughter. It was a move that meant the family needed to cut back on things and do without some of the extras a second salary would have given us. It is a decision I do not regret. Now our daughter is about to turn eighteen and I am thinking about getting back into the workforce now that she is grown up.

I’ve been thinking about where I wanted to apply to work. I could apply for the hospital I worked at before and maybe even get a job as a switchboard operator as I had in the past. Knowing the facility as I do it would not be that hard. For some reason that just does not seem right for this time in my life. I could apply at the local fast food locations, but that does not appeal to me.

I know the company I wish to work for and where. I want to work for the Disney Company and I’d love to work at Disneyland. I live one hour away from Disneyland and with traffic this can sometimes turn into two or three hours! I don’t think Disneyland will suit my needs with today’s gas prices and the distance. So I kept thinking and came up with the Disney Store! I’d still be a Cast Member for one of the most magical companies! I would not be in the park but still in the magic!

I picked up an application for a seasonal job at the local Disney store about ten miles away from my home! I also said I’d work at another store that is about 17 miles from home. I’m excited for this opportunity and the chance to be a part of the magic! I so hope I get this job!

The form asked if I had experience in sales, I’ve not worked in a sales position but I did Mystery Shopping and know how a customer should be treated. I rated all the companies against Disney service. I’ve not been a cashier, but I was a bank teller years ago. I’ve not done stock, as a Mystery Shopper I saw the importance of a well-stocked display! I know it must be neat and orderly creating a desire and emotional need for the product being sold.

Well here is to hoping I get the job! I should hear something by the end of the month.


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