Monday, September 24, 2012

Fantasmic, Murphy Strikes Again!!!

Fantasmic, Murphy Strikes Again!!!

Several years ago Disneyland upgraded their Maleficent Dragon in Fantasmic. The new dragon is magnificent and beautiful to watch. She towers over Tom Sawyers Island and the Rivers of America while battling with Mickey Mouse. I love watching Fantasmic and seeing Maleficent in dragon form lights the river on fire! Sad to say with such a technologically advanced piece of equipment things fail . . . often. Maleficent’s Dragon fails so often she has gained the nick name of Murphy from Cast Members and frequent park visitors. If something can go wrong it will go wrong.

Maleficent stands on a small platform and she grows/rises to the sky transforming into her dragon form. At that point the battle is on and for a time it looks like Mickey Mouse will lose! Friends of mine have been at DL watching Fantasmic when the dragon had one of her epic fails. She expanded and started to roar then quickly slumped, deflated on the ground. This failure ended the show for that night and a few nights after while they tried to get Murphy working again.

Last night we had special reserved seating for Fantasmic and I was looking forward to seeing Maleficent transform from this wonderful viewing spot. Alas, Murphy struck again! This time no dragon showed at all. It seems to me Disney knew Murphy was cranky that night and kept her locked in her cage. The point is Disney adapted. Instead of canceling the show they chose another way to tell the story. Instead of Maleficent transforming to her dragon self she stood on top of her platform with a glowing wand throwing bolts down at the hapless Mickey Mouse. Mickey returned blow for blow and still won! (Kind of knew he would LOL)

The point is Disney adapted the show. Murphy was missed but still the battle was done and won and the show went on. Props to Disney for making adaptions and I hope they get Murphy trained better soon. Murphy is very impressive and they need to make her work better. They need to get her back on track and working right.

Here is video of the show without Murphy.

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