Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Ellis Island Boys and Dancing around Disneyland Resort

The Ellis Island Boys and
Dancing around Disneyland Resort

Ok the weekend is here! It is a nice long one as well. So what can you do at Disneyland Resort this long and beautiful weekend? How about Dancing!!!!!

There are bands all around the parks and many of them are fun to dance too. Because my husband and I are learning to Shag Dance (Shag is a slower less athletic form of swing) we enjoy the Jazz bands. A group of guests come together on Saturday nights to dance in Downtown Disney to the bands that Disney puts there for them. These fellow guests are always more than happy to show you how to dance if you don’t know how.

One of the bands that is a special joy to us plays at the Paradise Gardens Band Stand in DCA. The Ellis Island Boys is a four piece jazz band that plays 1920-1930s jazz. This band has such amazing ability and is very engaging. They reach out to the guests and make you feel part of the show.

If you get up to dance while listening to the Ellis Island Boys it will not go unnoticed nor be unappreciated by the band. If you are learning to dance and they notice you need a slower song the next song will be slower for you.

EIB will even stop during a show to pose for pictures. Sometimes if they notice people trying to take a picture of they will pose for the shot. Ralf and John (the Reynolds Brothers) are big hams, especially Ralf on his washboard.

Here is video from the last time we watched and danced to the EIB.

Here is there Facebook Page.

The bands real name is Reynolds Brothers Rhythm Rascals. Here is there website.

So the next time you are at DCA and you see a crazy couple stepping on each other’s toes while they attempt to dance to the music of the Ellis Island Boys say hi and join the fun!

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