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Swing Dancing at the Disneyland Resort

Swing Dancing at the Disneyland Resort

AS I’ve shared before Swing Dancing has been a part of Disneyland since 1958. There was a stage dedicated to hosting Jazz Bands with a dance floor for the guests to dance on. Walt and Lillian danced there and enjoyed listening to some of the Jazz greats of history.

The Carnation Gardens stage and dance floor next to the castle are gone and the area is being rethemed for a princess meet and greet during the days. A bandstand and dance floor will be installed in the area and the dancing will return to inside the park spring of 2013.

For now the dancers gather in Downtown Disney from 6 pm to 10 pm and dance Saturday nights away. Disney provides the stage, the band and dance floor and all are welcome to swing. In between sets there is a group dance lesson and all are welcome to give it a try. Seasoned dancers gladly offer to help those that need and partner up with those that need a partner. People gather early and bring folding camp chairs to sit in as they watch and rest between dances. It is a jovial and friendly atmosphere.

Last Saturday night we joined the dancers for 50's themed night. We thoroughly enjoyed trying to dance even if we were not quite able to do it up to speed. We got lots of support and encouragement from the experienced dancers and those that just come to watch.

To be honest the dance floor was so crowded we spent most of the time we danced off behind those watching the fun or resting from dancing. Yes we felt self-conscious but the reason for stepping back was more because we did not have room to move on the dance floor.

It was fun to see mothers and fathers on the floor with their young children. Some knew the moves and others were just doing what they wanted moving to the music and showing their children how to just have fun. I’m glad that Disney kept the tradition of having Swing Dancing at the Disneyland Resort.

Besides the Friday and Saturday in Downtown Disney there is the Ellis Island Boys and other band around the parks to dance to. Not all the bands are listed on the Disneyland website entertainment schedule so you need to look them up other ways.

If you want to know more about the Disneyland Dance there are two Facebook pages that I have found that help with knowing what bands are playing when.
Downtown Disney Swing
(only has info on DTD)
Disney Resort Dance Band Schedule
(Covers danceable bands in both parks and DTD)
Ellis Island Boys
(They play in DCA. Just the EIBs information)
Sligo Rags
(They play in DCA. Not Swig but still fun! Celtic/Irish music that some clog to)

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