Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jack Skellington Takes Over the Haunted Mansion!

Jack Skellington Takes Over the Haunted Mansion!

Every year around this time Jack Skellington and the citizens of Halloween Town take over the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland! From the outside with it’s beautiful mix of Halloween and Christmas decorations to the entire re-theming of the inside of the Mansion is complete.

The foyer has black garland with mini jack-o-lanterns for lights. Into the stretching room you go! The usual pictures of the grim occupants of the Mansion have been replaced by stain glass looking pictures with interesting looks at a mix of Halloween and Christmas. Jack Skellington pops in to wish you a Happy Holiday.

The art gallery is interesting with pictures of Santa on his sleigh being replaced magically with Sandy Claus Jack Skellington. Sally is there enjoying a small Christmas tree that burns up in her hands. A stack of Jack-o-Lanterns turn into a snowman.

From the art gallery you board your black Christmas sleigh and travel through the Mansion. The banquet room is full of specters dancing eternity away as they celebrate the holidays! A feast complete with a giant Ginger Bread house fills the table. A Christmas tree adorns the room.

There is the present room with spooky Christmas wrapped gifts and a giant snake holding the naughty/nice list in his mouth. Spooky Jack-in-the-Boxes pop up as you go past. Spooky gifts replace the Holly Jolly ones.

Onto the graveyard covered in ghostly white snow you go. Ghosts sing Scary Carols as you travel through. But don’t worry they are not there to hurt you.

As you leave Oogie Boogie warns you he has one last holiday surprise for you! Watch out! Hitchhiking Ghosts have been replaces with strange presents!

I enjoy the Holiday Haunted Mansion overlay. It is less scary and much more fun than the standard Haunted Mansion. I feel this attraction is acceptable for all of the family age 8 and up. An adventurous 5 or 6 year old may enjoy it. Any family member that enjoys Nightmare Before Christmas will enjoy this attraction.

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