Sunday, September 16, 2012

Grizzly River Run Has Lockers!

Grizzly River Run Has Lockers!

Grizzly River Run has signs that warn you that you “May get wet.” Be warned! Most likely you WILL get SOAKED!

So now you have a problem. Do you choose to go on the ride and get wet to cool off and have fun or worry about your expensive electronics! You can get wet but your cell phone, camera and watch most likely will not take to kindly to getting drenched!

Disney has done something very kind for the guests. You can use a locker near Grizzly River Run for two hours for FREE!! Yes, you read that right FREE! These lockers have been there from the opening of Disney California Adventure but for some reason people don’t seem to know they are there.

While you are riding the ride you can place any personal items you don’t wish to get wet in the lockers. Just like all the other lockers at the Disneyland Resort you can open and close them anytime during the two hours without extra charge. BUT, when the two hours is up you will be charged!

The lockers are located to the left of the entrance of the Grizzly River Run. Walk past the giant Grizzly Bear and behind the Disney Vacation Club table there are the lockers. You just walk up to a terminal and follow the directions. You will choose your own password. A piece of paper with your locker number will print out but I advise you to memorize the locker number as that piece of paper will most likely become wet in your pocket while on the ride and be unreadable.

This is a great idea that I wish they also had on Splash Mountain! There are not many lockers at this location but there always seems to be one available to put your items in.

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