Thursday, September 6, 2012

Disney California Adventure Full of Hopes and Dreams

Disney California Adventure Full of Hopes and Dreams

The new DCA is full of hopes and dreams. For the Disney Company the hopes and dreams are that the potential of the park if finally realized. This park has been almost empty since it opened and now finally it is finding its fans.

From the moment you enter the park there is an energy and excitement. From the clang of the Red Car Trollies bell and the flashing of the Wig Wag to the music of the various music groups around the park the place is jumping!

A good example of the new energy and expression of the hope and dream is the Red Car Trolley News Boys show. It is all about showing up and trying. Coming into town with nothing but a suitcase and a dream is Mickey Mouse in his classic 1920’s attire.

Mickey is Walt in this wonderful playful show that expresses the hopefulness and enthusiasm that Walt had when he arrived in Hollywood, Ca in the 1920s with nothing more than a suitcase full of dreams.

While some may think the music is from the 1920’s or 30’s it is not. The music is loosely based on the style of music of that time. Some of the songs are from that era but have been updated. It is more upbeat and also has a modern feel while keeping the flavor of the era it is representing. Watch your schedule for this fantastic show.

Even the “police” on Buena Vista Street are positive! Officer Blue is on patrol watching for people doing good! He is looking for people holding doors for others, “operating” a stroller with politeness and even eating neatly. If he catches you in the act he will write you a ticket! Make sure you take it to the Chamber of Commerce to “pay” your fine!

The positivity does not stop at the end of Buena Vista Street. Follow the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole and over to Hollywood Land and the Mad Hatter’s Tea party! This is a Rave style dance street party with live music and bright flashing lights. Paradise Gardens has a band stand with live music throughout the day. It might be the Ellis Island Boys or Sligo Rag playing. You can’t find out who is playing there until you get there but all the bands are fun. Pacific Warf has live music as well with the Mariachi Deva’s and other groups.

Cars Land has its own excitement! DJ the car comes out with dancers and puts on a show throughout the day. Red waters the flowers and gets guests wet while they get their pictures taken with them. All of Cars Land is revved up and ready to roll!

No matter where you are in DCA you can feel the excitement and energy.

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