Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Where in Disney California Adventure is P.T. Flea??

Where in Disney California Adventure is P.T. Flea?

In what was the Bountiful Valley area of Disney California was a shop called P.T. Flea. This shop was shaped kind of like a Gazebo with walls. This was the main pin shop for the Disney California Adventure Park. During the remodeling of DCA P.T. Flea was closed down and the building removed. Before the shop closed summers were a problem in P.T. Flea. For some reason the A/C kept failing. (For your pin needs now look for several carts and/or check out Fly & Buy.)

So what happened to P.T. Flea’s Market? The walls, doors and A/C were removed and it was quietly moved over to the Paradise Gardens area near the band stand. Tables and chairs have been placed inside and it is now a wonderful place to sit and enjoy a meal or listen to one of the bands play.

So the next time you are at DCA enjoying the day and want a break from the action that is Disney stop by the old P.T. Flea building and enjoy a meal and music and relax.

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