Monday, June 4, 2012

What?! There Are Still Princess Stories To Be Told?

What?! There Are Still Princess Stories To Be Told?
I find it interesting that with their 50th Animated Feature Movie Disney announced that Rapunzel will be Disney’s last Princess movie. Disney stated their belief that the movie going public no longer wanted Princess movies but, now wanted “something else”. Now Pixar comes out with their 1st Princess movie with Merida of Brave. Well, it is not “Disney” but is part of the Disney family. So Disney drops the Princess genre. I’m so glad that Pixar will continue the tradition with Merida of Brave. Our future generations will have even more heroines to encourage them to believe in the “Once Upon a Dream” romance and that a “Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”.

I think there are plenty of people that love Princess movies! Every little girl dreams of being a Princess. Every boy dreams of coming to the rescue of the damsel in distress and slaying the dragon. Even us jaded ol adult enjoy dreaming of a more regal life.

Princess (and Prince) stories have a special place in our hearts. They encourage us to understand we are more than our circumstances. These wonderful tales encourage us to dream. All of these stories remind us to reach for the regal place in ourselves and treat ourselves as the unique and special person we are. They remind us that to be “regal” we must reach inside and learn what it requires of us.

Let’s take a look at the Disney Princess’.

Snow White taught us to stay pure and dream. Accept the help of others but do not forget to return the favor by helping in return. Also do not trust “strangers”, they may be evil in disguise.

Cinderella teaches be kind and true to your good nature. Hold onto your dreams and never let them go. Do not let others make you believe you are worthless.

Sleeping Beauty beautifully shows that you can believe in the “Once Upon A Dream”. Prince Phillip shows that with Truth and Virtue you can win the battle with evil.

Little Mermaids, Princess Ariel follows her dreams. Love is worth the sacrifice.

Beauty and the Beast, Belle learns to look past what she sees with her eyes to see the beauty inside. Beast learns to control himself so Belle can see the good and beauty inside.

Aladdin shows that even a poor kid from the streets can make good if his heart is true and kind. Attitude has more to do with success than any “magic” or place of birth.

Pocahontas will show you that all creatures’ great and small have something special about them. You just need to stop and look.

Mulan is strong and brave and shows that girls can do all the boys do to be a hero.

Princess and the Frog, Tiana and Naveen both have lessons to learn and teach. Tiana needs to slow down and take a good look at her dream. What is it that she truly wants! She is giving up love and being happy to work hard for her “dream”. Naveen needs to see the value of hard work. He would rather play and forget looking at what the future may bring.

Tangled, Rapunzel looked at what she had been taught and learned to question. She learned to trust herself and go beyond the limits set upon her. She learned she could do more that she was told. Once again the lesson was don’t let others limit you.

I can hardly wait until June 19th to see what Merida has to show us! I know that Pixar will hold true to Disney tradition and have a good moral to go with a fantastic story and amazing animation.


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