Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Every Disney Hero Has a Voice Arthur/Wart Had Three!

Every Disney Hero Has a Voice

The Sword In the Stone

Arthur/Wart Had Three!


Rickie Sorenson, Richard Reitherman and Robert Reitherman as Arthur/Wart, the long-lost son of Uther Pendragon and the future King Arthur. He is Disney's adaptation of legendary British leader King Arthur. Arthur was voiced by three different actors, leading to noticeable changes in voice between scenes of the film. Also, the three voices all have a Brooklyn-esque accent, in sharp contrast with the English setting and pseudo-English accent sported by all other characters in the film.

Rickie Sorenson Born August 26th, 1946 in California and died August 24th, 1994 in California. He appeared in the films "Airport '77" (1977), "Johnny Shiloh" (1963), "Underworld U.S.A." (1961), "A Lust To Kill" (1959), "Tarzan And The Trappers" (1958), "Tarzan's Fight For Life" (1958), "The Hard Man" (1957), and "Man Of A Thousand Faces" (1957). He also did the voices of 'Arthur' in "The Sword And The Stone" (1963), and the voice of 'Spotty' in "One Hundred And One Dalmations" (1961). He appeared on the televison shows, "Nanny And The Professor" "Gidget" "The Deputy" "The Donna Reed Show" "The Restless Gun" "Perry Mason" and played the role of Tommy Banks in "Father Of The Bride" (1961).

Richard and Robert Reitherman are brothers. They are the sons of Wolfgang Reitherman. Neither of the brothers continued acting or working in the movies. Richard Reitherman is director of Women's Imaging at Newport Diagnostic Center, Newport, California. Robert Reitherman is Executive Director of Consortium of Universities for Research in Earthquake Engineering (CUREE)


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