Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Bobsleds Are Slipping and Sliding on Matterhorn Mountain!

The Bobsleds Are Slipping and Sliding on Matterhorn Mountain!

The Matterhorn Bobsled attraction was closed down for refurbishment from January 2012 until June 2012. That is a long time of any ride to be closed. Lots of work was done on the 53 year old ride. For the first time since Matterhorn Mountain was built in 1959 it was completely covered with scaffolding. Lots of work was done to maintain and improve the ride.
So will that long of a closure you may be wondering if the ride was totally changed. Quick answer, No! They did not change the track or add to the interior of the ride. What they did do was redo the inside of the ride where things looking old. Parts of the interior were almost see through before but now when you are inside you can’t see out. They also painted the entire outside of the mountain and redid the “snow” to make it look more realistic.
Another thing they did was redirect the cue for the ride. The line still runs beside the mountain but no longer goes around the mountain. When we rode the Matterhorn the line was on the Fantasyland side of the mountain and doubled back on itself. Once you got to the main line they split you into one of the two lines sending you either to the Tomorrowland or Fantasyland track loading area. Handicapped riders and their group with a double arrow on their GAP (Guest Assistance Pass) can just walk up to the Cast Member at the place where they split the line and ask where to go.
Besides the fixing up the interior and painting the exterior they put new bobsleds into use. The new ride vehicles have locking seatbelts unlike the vehicles on the mountain up till now. Now the seatbelts are kept locked until your bobsled comes to the end of the ride and it is time to exit. This is one of the major reasons for the long closure of the ride. They had to make sure the computerized locking system was functional and worked properly locking and unlocking when it should.
The other change in the cars is the fact it is one person per seat instead of two. Each bobsled holds three people and two bobsleds are attached together so six people can ride in one unit. If you have a member of your party with long legs or leg and hip problems I suggest they ride in the front seat of either of the cars. Those seats have more leg room.
I do believe the ride, at least on the Tomorrowland track is smoother, less “bumpy” than before the new cars were added. I look forward to trying the Fantasyland track on our next trip to Disneyland as that is my favorite track. I’ll update this post after I do.
The mountain climbers are back on the Matterhorn! Several times a day you can watch them ascend to the top of the mountain. You may even see Mickey and Goofy climbing the mountain with Minnie cheering them on.
I will be honest I miss being able to sit in my husband’s arms pretending to be scared of the speed and Harold the Yeti. In truth I’ve never been afraid of the Matterhorn. I’ve ridden the ride many times, the first time when I was 2 years old. Every time I yell, just as I did when I was 2, “It’s a Blast!” It still is a blast!
Here is video of the Tomorrowland track of the Matterhorn Mountain.

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