Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Buena Vista Street! Entrance Way to Walt Disney's California Adventure!

Buena Vista Street! Entrance Way to Walt Disney’s California Adventure!

A lot of hype has gone into Cars Land. Cars Land deserves the hype and excitement! It is a major addition and a good one to Disney California Adventure. But let’s not forget another change/addition to DCA, Buena Vista Street.

Buena Vista Street is the new Main Entrance into DCA. Until this time the area was called Sunshine Plaza and was a place to walk through. Buena Vista Street is a place to experience.

The buildings on Buena Vista Street belong in the early 1920s. This brings you to the time Walt Disney arrived in California and started his first successful animation studio, The Disney Brothers Studio. As they do in New Orleans Square there are apartments and shops in the second story of some of the buildings on Buena Vista Street. You would be surprised to see who is “living and working” there today.

There is the “Eye Works Special Optometric Processes Shop”. This is a tip of the hat to Ub Iwerks, Walt’s friend and partner. When the two had a studio together called Iwerks Disney people would come in thinking it was an eye doctor’s office.

Oswald has a gas station, Mortimer has a market and Elias Disney, named after Walt’s father has a grand high in department store! They are not the only citizens of Buena Vista Street! As you walk around BVS keep your eyes open for BVS most famous citizens! Yes, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Chip & Dale are there but those are not the people I’m talking about!

On Buena Vista Street watch for Donna the Dog Lady (with her dog, Lady), Molly the Messenger (riding on her messenger trike), Fifi the photographer and Officer Blue. Each has a story to tell and a rich history to share. Just ask them! Donna will let you pet her doggy. Molly delivers smiles. Fifi is out to take pictures of the world’s most beautiful locations and people but will be glad to pose with you if asked. Fifi will tell you about some of her adventures as well. Officer Blue loves to stop and chat a moment as he travels his assigned beat of Buena Vista Street. You better watch your behavior when he is around or he may give you a ticket! Yes, he may give you a ticket for any number of reasons including one he just makes up!

Add the Red Car Trolley to the street and it is fully alive! Wait a moment there is more! Red Car News Boys and the traveling band the 5 & Dime come out to entertain! Street performing was a common thing in Hollywood during the 1920s so this fits in perfectly!

Both groups perform in front of the Carthay Theater, Disney reproduction of the theater where Snow White premiered and yet another nod to Disney History. Carthay Theater is an upscale restaurant and lounge. It also houses Club 1901, the sister club to Disneyland’s Club 33.

Standing in the middle of it all is Walt and Mickey. The Storytellers Statue shows a 22 year old Walt Disney arriving in Hollywood with just $40 in his pocket and a dream in his heart. On his face is a smile of eternal optimism. You can feel his excitement and hope for the future. At his side is the not yet created Mickey Mouse. Together they would become America’s Storytellers and create an entertainment empire that is unmatched. You can walk right up to the Storytellers Statue and have your picture taken. This life-size statue is beautiful and sure to capture the heart of any real Disney Fan.

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