Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Meet Merida at Disneyland!

Meet Merida at Disneyland!

If you are looking forward to the new Pixar movie, Brave and are going to Disneyland in the next couple of weeks stop by and say I to Merida!

Merida is over by Small World. When you first walk up into the area you will be greeted and directed to spin the wheel to find out what character from the movie you are.

After finding out what character you are you will be directed to walk over to a table with “rocks” placed on it. You can do a rubbing of the rock to transfer the “picture” etched on the rock onto a piece of paper to take home.

After the rubbing there are several “Highland Games” to play! You can toss a bag into a hole in a sheet. You can then sit and color pictures before moving on into the line to meet Merida.

Merida will stop and talk to you at her archery range. There is a hay cart next to her. Playing in the hay are three bear cubs. Don’t worry about the little bruins; they are Merida’s triplet brothers. They make themselves well known while you visit with Merida. They laugh and move around interacting with Merida while she talks to you.

After you have met Merida you can move over to the archery range and shoot a few arrows at the targets.

The entire set up is very well done and lots of fun. If you happen to get a chance to stop by I really suggest you do.

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