Sunday, June 24, 2012

Buena Vista Street is Ready for July 4th!

Buena Vista Street is Ready for July 4th!

For years my family has loved walking around Disneyland during the various holidays. The park always has such beautiful decorations. Each land has its own theme in the decorations in keeping with the theme of the area. That attention to detail has long been missing from Disneyland’s sister park Disney California Adventure.

Since Disney California Adventure opened there has not been much done to decorate for any holiday. Christmas got some decorations with a tree and garland on the old not gone Golden Gate Bridge. Other than that not much else was done. The 4th of July, Memorial Day and even Halloween did not get much attention at the “and also” park.

The times are changing! I was at DCA for the opening of Cars Land on June 15th. Nothing special as far as “holiday” decor was up. Each area was pristine in keeping with the theme of the location. You did not find much if anything that did not belong.

I went back on June 21st and was pleasantly surprised! Up and down Buena Vista Street there was Red, White and Blue bunting and American flags! They are decorating for the July 4th holiday! I found this very exciting as I am a proud American and love all the decorations!

I was talking with a Red Car Conductor about how wonderful it was to see the decorations. He told me they already have the Christmas décor planned for the renovated park! According to the Cast Member this year the decorations will be in keeping with the theme of the areas and just as amazing as Disneyland’s holiday décor.

It appears in just one more way DCA has come into its own. I look forward to seeing the decorations around the park for all the different holidays! I can see the Red, White and Blue staying up through the summer on Buena Vista Street as it does in Disneyland’s Main Street. I can imagine the decorations at Easter with baskets and bunnies all over the place. Halloween will be exciting with the “shops and apartments” upstairs putting pumpkins and the like out on the balconies. I bet there will even be a scarecrow or two sitting on a chair on a balcony. Christmas is the time I’m most looking forward to! I can envision Buena Vista Street with classic decorations in the windows and hanging from the balconies. Cars Land will be fun with car themed lights and décor!

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