Monday, June 18, 2012

Radiator Springs Racers!

Radiator Springs Racers!

Ok all the hype and noise for months, was it worth it? YES!!!!!

A lot of people say it is the California version of EPCPT’s Test Track. Well, yes it is the same type of slot car type ride but that is the only thing I feel they have in common. TT is a good ride that is a fun look at how a car is designed and tested. RSR takes you into a Pixar/Disney movie and makes you feel part of the story. Of all the rides that I have been on at DLR and WDW RSR does the best at telling a complete story. All the other rides from Fantasyland on tell snippets that you have to put together.

The cue is beautiful and waiting in line (standby was up to 7 hours long opening day but average 2 ½ hours) can be fun if you enjoy looking around for all the little fun Disney Magic Touches.

I’m not going to spoil it for those that don’t want to know but I’ll give a general idea of the ride. You start off at one end of a cavern and then go out for a slow and enjoyable ride through the area that Sally and Lightning went through on their ride in the first movie. This is a magical ride.

As the speed picks up you enter another cave and through it you come into Radiator Springs. Here you get a look at all your favorite characters as you are welcomed to “The Race”. You will be directed to either Luigi’s for new tires or be sent to Ramon’s for a paint job.

After your “Pit Stop” for tires or paint you will be encouraged and given a final tip by Doc. The race begins and you reach speeds of 40 MPH with banking curves of 45 degrees. It is an exciting end! Who will win! As you near the finish line your picture is taken and once you end the ride you can purchase it.
For those of you who can’t make it to DCA or who want to look at the ride here are videos I took opening day.

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