Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Luigi’s Flying Tires

From the first time I heard about this ride I was excited. I was excited because I remember the short lived Flying Saucers ride at Disneyland.
Luigi has a set of huge oversized tires that you can climb in and float around like a giant hokey puck. You lean to control them. For added fun if you can grab a giant beach ball you can toss it at other riders.

There is handicapped easy access. They pull a tire over to the size and have a ramp to allow those that can transfer out of a wheelchair to take their time loading and unloading without slowing down the rest of the ride.

I’m kind of sad to say in my opinion this ride did not like up to the hype. It is slow loading, requires instruction and is slow moving. If your car is “heavy loaded” and you all lean too far the same way the edge of the tire may grind on the ground. Still even with the negatives it is a fun ride.

The area of the ride, cue and the ride itself is beautifully themed. You feel like you could be in Luigi’s Casa Del Tires getting a set of white walls! Even the lines at the gate area are marked with tires. The music that plays fits Luigi’s Italian heritage and taste. It is upbeat for fun to listen too.

All in all I will keep this on my list of rides to do every so often but not every visit.

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