Sunday, February 12, 2012

Today is My Birthday!! Can You Guess Where I Am?!?!

Today is My Birthday!! Can You Guess Where I Am?!?!

Today is my birthday and I can only think of one place to celebrate, Disneyland!!! I usually celebrate most special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries at Disneyland.

So what should you do before you go? I suggest you look at the park schedule. See what rides are closed for refurbishment and what shows are playing on your special day. Pick a few and make those a goal to see. Pick a few “must do” things. I LOVE the fireworks and other nighttime shows. I usually pick one of the nighttime shows as a must do.

So what can you do at Disneyland to make a birthday special? First off you stop and get a Birthday button at City Hall/Guest Relations. There will be a call from Goofy but make sure the people from Guest Relations don’t forget it. In truth any cast member with access to a phone can get your call from Goofy for you.  Keep they button on all day and make sure it is visible all the time. Become part of the magic. When a cast member asks you to participate in a show don’t be afraid to join the fun! This is part of how Disney helps you celebrate. They look for the Birthday Buttons and use them when picking who will join the shows when gust participation is needed. It can also help with getting to do the “extra” special things such as a ride on the Lilly Bell.

Is there something special at the park you have that is a must do? Make sure you do it. Is there something unique that you have never done that you would like to do but have not done before? Why not go for it? Maybe ask someone for one of the tours. I’ve always wanted to do the “Walk in Walt’s Footsteps” tour. I’ll not get a chance tomorrow but soon I will and I’ll tell you all about it.

Maybe there is a special person or a couple that you enjoy spending time with. A birthday is a good excuse to ask them to come join you! Today I’m at the park with my hubby and our best friends! A double date for my birthday!

Of course there is a nice dinner. Check out the different restaurants and pick your favorite! I will not even attempt to suggest one for you. There are just too many to make a recommendation and peoples taste is so varied. Just let it be noted there is a restaurant in the park for everybody. You can either grab a quickie diner take it to with you hold your spot for the evening show you have chosen or you can make the choice to forgo the show and getting that sweet spot for a nice sit down meal. Disney has everything from a fast hamburger to a full sit down restaurant. You can either eat in the park or go to one of the hotels or restaurants in Downtown Disney. You can also get a meal that gives you VIP seating at one of the nighttime shows so you don’t have to sit and hold your spot.

No matter what you do ENJOY!! Relax and celebrate YOUR Day!! And don't forget the camera!!!

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