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My Birthday at Disneyland

My Birthday At Disneyland

Yesterday I spent the day at Disneyland with my husband celebrating my birthday! What a blast!! That is why my blog did not get posted until late in the afternoon. I had several things on my list of must does for my birthdays. I wanted to eat at Jolly Holiday Bakery, Ride in the Wheelhouse of the Mark Twain, check out the Tiana Mardi Gras show and see the Magic, Memories and You show. I also felt it would be fun to look around Disney California Adventure to see what changes had been made.

When we got to the park we were hungry so we decided to stop in at Jolly Holiday Bakery for a bite to eat. I decided to get the quiche and hubby got me a side of fruit! He had a Roast Beef sandwich with horseradish sauce. Both were good but we decided the quiche was the best.

On the way over to the Mark Twain a little bird decided he either liked me or totally hated me. I could not tell which! The little fearless one few down past my face and its wing brushed me face! A few moments later it chipped and again swept past me this time tapping my shoulder with its wing. Then it went to sit on a roof support above my head and kept chirping quietly at me. When I responded to it and told him hello he tipped it head and listened to me.

After our meal we went Mark Twain to see if we could get a ride in the Wheel House. Amanda went to check if anybody else was waiting to go. She told us to wait by the door to the Wheel House on the third level of the ship. We boarded and went right up. We stepped into the Captains Room and went up the steep ladder/stairs to the Wheel House.  The Great Wheel of the ship is taller than I am (not that it takes much to be taller than me). What a majestic ride in the Queen of the Rivers of America! Riding in the Wheelhouse gives you an amazing view of the area around the Rivers of America that you can’t get anywhere else.

After the Mark Twain we stopped in New Orleans for a little bit of Mardi Gras Celebration. We watched the Classic New Orleans Jazz Band then waited for Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen to come out and party. Both events were wonderful but how much fun to watch Tiana and Naveen sing and dance. Even Luis was in the act. During the show the kids were invited to dance with the dancers that were with Tiana and Naveen. One of the little boys escaped from his parents and ran onto the stage with Tinana, Naveen and Luis. A stage hand came to get the little boy but he refused to leave. Even Prince Naveen could not get him off the stage. He ran over to Luis just as the music ended. The stage hand ran up to get the boy out of Luis’ way and his mother came to get him. Even at Disneyland the unexpected can happen.

We spent some time just walking around New Orleans enjoying the Mardi Gras decorations and sounds. We wondered up Main Street stopping at the lockers for jackets and to drop off things. Then we decided it was time to go over to Disney California Adventure. We wanted to see the changes. We had a bite to eat at the Fortune Cookie then went to the Fly and Buy to get a set of pins that I’d been looking at. It is a beautiful set called Unlock the Magic of Disneyland. It is an Annual Passholder exclusive pin set!

After shopping we went to see the Aladdin Musical play at the Hyperion Theatre. What an awesome show! We made a new friend, also an AP in line. We had great seats for the show! Genie made several jokes about the Golden Globes and did several other jokes that were new for us. This is what make the show so much fun to see over and over.

After Aladdin it was back to Disneyland for a stop at the lockers, diner and to see Magic, Memories and You. We got back into Disneyland quickly but the stop at the locker was delayed, security was making all the guests in the locker area leave and were not allowing anybody else in. It was about 30-45 minutes before we saw security, police and a bomb sniffing dog leave the locker area with a baby stroller and several bags, and then we were allowed in. By then it was cold enough we wanted our jackets out of the lockers so the wait was worth it. Disney security was firm about not letting people in but were very polite and friendly. They kept us informed about the length of delay but did not tell us why. Security involved seemed relaxed and well trained to handle the situation. I’m glad Disney takes guest safety so seriously. This is a good reminder to keep your personal items with you and to let you know it can cause problems for other guests if you leave things unsupervised.

By the time we got the jackets it was too late to get food before the Magic, Memories and You show at Small World. We knew the parade was coming and it would make getting to the area difficult. We decided to get food after the show. We went over to Small World and watched the Mickey’s Soundsational Parade as it went off the parade route and then sat and talked while we waited for the show.

The Magic, Memories and You show is a beautiful show with video and a few fireworks at Small World. The video is designed to be projected on the front of the Small World building and photopass pictures taken around the park that day are placed in the video. The more pictures you get taken in a day by photopass cast members the more likely your picture will be in the show. I think I saw one of our pictures in one part of the show and my husband saw another in a different part. We are going to have to put the video we took on our big screen TV and look! What a FUN thing to do! Right now in honor of Valentine’s Day Disney put a romantic segment into the show, so if you have seen the show there is something new for you.

After the show we went to have dinner at one of our favorite place, Red Rockets Pizza Port. After Dinner we went on Star Tours and called it a night. What a wonderful day!! What a magical way to celebrate my birthday! My husband made sure I got to do everything I wanted on my day! I recommend Disneyland as a place to celebrate a birthday or any other special occasion. Just do it your way! Ride all the rides or just look around and enjoy the shows or do a bit of both.

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