Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mardi Gras at Disneyland!

Mardi Gras at Disneyland!!

Mardi Gras is celebrated at Disneyland! The fun of Mardi Gras comes to New Orleans Square during the Mardi Gras time.

When New Orleans Square was opened the Mayor of New Orleans came to the park for the festivities. His comment was to the effect, “This looks just like New Orleans except it is cleaner.” Disneyland has keep that attachment to New Orleans up.

The sights, sounds and foods of Mardi Gras hit New Orleans Square with an explosion of sensory delight. Everywhere you look there are beads and masks on display. Bands play jazz and there are several shows that are a joy to see, the traditional Mardi Gras band and the Tiana Mardi Gras Bash come dancing and singing into the square. Check out the Tiana celebration.

The smells of the foods being served in the various restaurants of New Orleans are scintillating! Each restaurant has a different set of Mardi Gras themed foods to serve! You can find everything from Gumbo to Po Boys. Whatever you want you can find it in New Orleans.
Mickey, Minie and Goofy are dressed up for Mardi Gras and come out to meet and greet the guests. So you can enjoy a few moments with your favorite character.

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