Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Roses of Disneyland

The Roses of Disneyland

Disneyland has some of the most beautifully maintained flowerbeds around. From the Mickey made of flowers that greats you as you walk into the park to the futuristic gardens of Tomorrowland with mostly eatable plants, everywhere you look there are beautiful gardens to admire.

One of the most special flowers, that is in the majority of the lands of Disneyland is the PP15114 JACmouse AKA Disneyland Rose. It is the official rose of Disneyland. It was hybridized by John Walden and Year of Registration or Introduction was 2004. This is a beautiful clustered Floribunda Hybrid tea rose.  The colors are an orange / apricot blend. The colors run the gambit from apricot and orange with touches of pink and yellow. They have a spicy rose fragrance that is mild and very pleasing.

This rose is a rebloomer and will continue to bloom through the growing season. I have found even in a pot my Disneyland Rose blooms all year around here in Southern California. The flower of this rose is 3-4 inches across with 25 petals. The buds are pointed and oval shaped. The foliage is a dark green and brings out the color of the flowers.

This rose is very hearty and easy to care for. It will thrive in zones 4-9. It grows to the height of 3-5 feet and is disease resistant. It looks best in groups of 3 but even a single plant in a pot on the porch is beautiful. It needs full sunlight to bring out the best of its colors.

I was blessed to be able to get one of the hearty and beautiful roses back in 2004. I put it in a pot and it has been the most prized addition to our garden. Over the last couple of years it has gotten a little out of control but is still alive even if not as beautiful as it could be. I've neglected to prune it the last couple of years as I should have. When we got my rose I got a second for my mother-in-law and she planted hers in the ground. Her rose is still full and beautiful! She has kept hers trimmed to a short height to fit in her garden. Both of our roses will have at least some leaves almost all year round and often will have flowers, even in winter. For our anniversary this year my husband ordered a new Disneyland Rose for me. We just got is home and potted yesterday. I'm looking forward to seeing the beautiful roses on this bush in about 2 months.

Here is a suggestion for keeping aphids off of your roses without using pesticides. Just plant some garlic in the ground near your rose.

If you would like to get a Disneyland rose you can go to your local nursery and ask if they can order them, Armstrong Nursery will order them or you can order them from Jackson & Perkins. Here is the link to Jackson & Perkins.

If you put in coupon code FABJP you get 10% off!!


  1. Great description of the Disneyland Rose. I have one in my yard and its been growing beautifully for about 3 years. I live in Arizona and we love Disneyland and go a couple of times a year. Our whole family are Disney Geeks! LoL This year for my son's birthday I ordered this rose. What do you get the guy who has everything? Its such an amazing SHOWEY rose bush. Its in my front yard and people slow down to take a look or a photo... Sometimes I catch people picking one.. I don't mind... Great post thanks!
    ~Rainey @ The Project Table~

  2. Thank you Rainy Shafer for your kind words. I have 2 of the Disneyland Rose bushes and they bloom almost all year round. Even now in the dead of winter they have some roses on them. It could be we live in So Cal not to far from DLR. LOL


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